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What Is Water Extraction?

When you are dealing with a water damage scenario, the first thing you need to know is how important it is to extract and mitigate water. This crucial step can make a huge difference when it comes to all kinds of water damage complications, specially if the water is filthy.

Water extraction services can avoid future humidity and mold complications: if you don’t dry all the affected areas properly, mold and humidity may appear.

Our Water extraction process is professional and safe. We work with highly trained professionals, always ready to provide specialized solutions, no matter when you need our services: we will be there for you.

Water Extraction Process

Dealing with a water damage scenario is not an easy thing: it can be more overwhelming than usual, because there are a lot of things happening at the same time. After a water damage scenario, specially if you had a flood complication, water must be extracted as soon as possible. But first, it will be necessary to extract all the water. We use professional devices specially designed in order to perform all kinds of extracted water process in the right way.

The difference between an amateur water extraction job and performed by true professionals is easy: extracting water properly. A lot of inexperienced companies perform terrible water extraction jobs, so a little mistake during this process can develop into mold and humidity complications, not to mention bacterias and bad oddors.

It’s important that a true professional identifies how polluted the water is, in order to know which procedure fits the best for your water damage scenario.

The importance of water removal after damage

You may not know it, however, water extraction, when it’s done properly, can save you a lot of time and money. The more quick you ask for a true professional to come over your property and deals with your water damage complication, the better will be for you and your loved ones, not to mention your property.

If you take too long during a water damage before extracting the water, mold can appear, and believe us when we say it: nobody wants to deal with a mold removal scenario, that’s for sure.

Are water extraction and water mitigation the same thing?

Even when extraction and water mitigation seem like the same procedure, they are different. While water extraction is performed in order to getting rid of all the water after a flood or any kind of water damage scenario, water mitigation provides maintenance to all the affected areas and objects. Water mitigation includes disinfection of all the areas affected by water, bad oddors elimination, and much more.

When you are dealing with water damage scenarios, the quality of the water is a key element: and it depends on how polluted the water is in order to perform a proper water extraction job. Water mitigation is a key element also, because it stops further complications to appear.

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It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets We have a lot of experience providing all kinds of water extraction solutions. Our team is composed by higly trained technicians, who use nothing but the most specialized devices to extract and mitigate water. We are 24 hours available, always ready to perform a top-quality service whenever you need us. Ask for a professional water extraction service: we react fast because we know that, when it comes to water damages, the most important thing during a restoration process is time. We offer you guaranteed satisfaction in all our services.