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Smoke & Fire Damage

We have years of experience dealing with all kinds of fire damage scenarios. When it comes smoke and fire damage situations, we have the know-how and the required devices to perform a top-quality fire damage restoration work.

When you are in the middle of a fire, there are so many things going on at the same time. You will need to ask for professional help: the most suitable service in those scenarios are, of course, fire damage restoration companies. But let’s be clear about that: not all companies know how to deal with fire and fired damaged objects as well. We are talking about a delicate task, in order to perform a superior fire and smoke remediation service.

Dealing with fire and smoke damage restoration is not an easy thing: it’s a complex process and it must be carried out by true professionals. We provide specialized solutions in order to avoid further loss because of smoke damage and fire. We work professionally for commercial and residential needs as well.

During a fire, it’s very common that people get affected because of fire and smoke, specially smoke. There are a lot of smoke particles that remains in your property after a fire, and those smoke particles need to be extracted as soon as possible, if we want to avoid further health complications caused by smoke.

After a fire, there are a lot of damaged objects that must be saved as soon as possible. You need to ask for true professional fire damage restoration services, because the quicker you look for professional help in order to perform a fire and smoke restoration process, the recovery time won’t be that long.

During a fire, time is a key element: fire restoration companies must react on time and professionally. That’s out specialty, We will:

  • Provide you professional advice so we can understand how severe the damage.
  • React quickly in order to avoid further fire damages.
  • Decontaminate your home or your business from smoke particles, dust and other toxic components that may affect your health, your valuable items and your property.
  • Restore your property, furniture and other items from fire and smoke.

Common types of fire

When it comes to fires, all kinds of fire are dangerous in different ways. But, most important: all kinds of fires scenarios can cause smoke particles get into your walls, floor, furniture, carpeting and other valuable items that you may have.

Nevertheless, we have identified 4 common types of fire, during a fire damage restoration process:

  • Kitchen fires
  • Electrical fires (including because of faulty electrical wiring)
  • Water heater fires
  • Smoking-related fires.

Is it safe to stay in a house with smoke damage?

You must get out of any place that was fire damaged. Not only because of the fire itself, but all those smoke particles that may remain in your property. Being in contact with those smoke particles can severely affect your health and they can be really toxic.

The first thing you must do is asking for professional help: you will need to look for a fire damage restoration service. You won’t have to worry about when you ask for this service: we have an amazing emergency fire restoration service, because we know that such emergencies can arise at the less expected moment.

Fire Damage and the restoration process

We perform top-quality fire and smoke restoration solutions. As soon as we get in touch with you and come over to your property, we will:

  • Inspect and advice about yout fire damage situation, including smoke scenarios.
  • Perform professional fire restoration work.
  • Extract all smoke particles for both residential and commercial purposes.
  • Perform a oard up and roof tarp service if required.
  • Perform water removal in your property (in case of water damage)
  • Clean, repair and restore your property.